Information on Airline Job Categories

Here is a list of the most common airline job categories and the basic requirements that you would need to enter this career. Further information on some careers may be found by clicking on the career name.


Career Job Summary Broad Requirements
Flight Crew Pilot Fly the aircraft. Commercial Pilot's Licence.
  Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew Manage passenger safety and provide service to the passengers during the flight. High school completed. Customer friendly. Well groomed. Able to swim. 1.55m tall.
Passenger Handling Check-In Agent Accept passenger documents and baggage and route them onto the required flight. Assign seating. Customer friendly.
  Ticket Sales Calculate airline fares and issue passenger tickets. Customer friendly.
  Ground Handling Provide passenger assistance services at the airport. Customer friendly.
Catering Food Preparation Prepare in-flight meals and refreshments. Domestic sciences.
  Logistics Movement of food and equipment to and from aircraft. Able bodied.
Cargo Shipping Agent Acceptance of cargo and cargo documents at cargo centres. Customer friendly.
  Logistics Movement of cargo to and from aircraft and other vehicles. Able bodied.
Sales & Marketing Sales Promotion of airline ticket sales to companies and agents. Relationship building. Well groomed.
  Advertising Specification of airline promotional material and media. Creative and business skills.
  Call Centre Respond to telephonic customer enquiries and make reservations. Telephone skills
Technical Technician Maintenance and repair of aircraft and equipment. Apprenticeship or technical diploma.
  Support Planning and controlling technical status and documents. Technical literacy.
Operations Flight Planning Preparing the flight routing and fuelling plans for each flight. Maths literacy.
  Weight & Balance Specifying the loading plan for each flight. Maths literacy.
Administration Finance Preparing airline accounts and reports. Numeric literacy.
  Personnel Process salaries, benefits, and employee data. People skills.

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