Welcome to the pilot's seat...

Fly your family or friends to Cape Town !!

Absolutely no flying experience is required. Prepare yourself for the thrill of a lifetime as you take control of a multi-million rand, full motion full vision flight simulator.

This is your opportunity to fly an airline flight simulator, normally reserved for the exclusive training of professional airline pilots.

You may either enjoy this experience exclusively or have additional guests accompany you. They can either watch or share the flying time with you.

Option A = Private Flight Simulator Experience

Fly a multi-million pound, full motion flight simulator under the instruction of a professional. The stunning visual effects, high quality surround sound and advanced hydraulic motion systems will convince you that this is real and you ARE flying!

You will receive a pre-flight briefing in class, which will introduce you to the flight deck instruments, flying controls and systems. You will then take the flight of your life at the controls of a state-of-the-art airline simulator from take-off to touchdown.

Option B = Corporate Entertainment

Enjoy a 30 or 60 minute "flight" in a full motion flight simulator supported by pilots and instructors. Combine this with private function rooms, catering, and plenty of free on-site car parking for your tailor-made event.

Design your own day or choose from our selection:

• Corporate entertainment and hospitality
• Staff incentive and rewards
• Team bonding/building
• Away days combining company conference with fun activities and entertainment.

Book or enquire here now ! Or call us on 011 453 2093

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